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New Orleans Hurricane Insurance Disputes Attorneys

Houston & New Orleans Hurricane Insurance Disputes Attorneys Recovering Sizeable Compensation For Hurricane Victims- Business Interruption & Property Damage Claims

The landfall of Hurricane Katrina in late August of 2005 marked the beginning of a devastating time for the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. In the aftermath of the storm and flooding, we are proud of our law firm’s leading role in holding hurricane insurance companies accountable and recovering compensation for the people harmed. In fact, we have handled over 500 cases related to Hurricane Katrina insurance claims.

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav, people in the Houston, Galveston and Beaumont areas of Texas experienced many of the same issues with their hurricane insurance companies. Southeast Texas is now faced with similar challenges from Hurricane Harvey damages. If you are having difficulty getting full and fair compensation from your hurricane insurance carrier for your business interruption claims, significant personal or business property damage claims, please contact us today.

Led by experienced lawyers Mark Glago and Jatavian Williams we are well prepared to aggressively pursue valid cases against insurance companies, fighting for maximum compensation in cases of hurricane property damage and business interruption claims.


The overwhelming majority of hurricane insurance disputes arising from Katrina were settled out of court. Glago Williams, LLC was able to negotiate hundreds of favorable settlements — but we also went to trial in cases where coverage was denied or settlement offers were inadequate.

We represented the plaintiffs in six Katrina-related trials. Our willingness to go the distance for our clients produced results such as:

  • Millions of dollars in claim settlements on behalf of businesses and individuals who came to our law firm thinking their insurance companies had paid all they were going to.
  • A $512,000 jury verdict in favor of a New Orleans Garden District bed and breakfast owner — covering the costs of repair, lost income due to business interruption and penalties
  • Successful appeal of a court judgment that would have prevented clients of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance from recovering penalties and attorney fees, even when found to have handled claims in bad faith —benefiting thousands of claimants across the state of Louisiana.
  • A $311,000 jury verdict for a couple whose home incurred $101,000 in hurricane damage — which included payment of attorney fees and an additional $180,000 in compensation for all the couple went through as a result of their insurer’s arbitrary refusal to pay for damages

You can learn more about these cases and others on our page devoted to notable trials and settlements. To discuss your challenges in dealing with a hurricane insurance company over severe property damage and to receive an honest and highly qualified assessment of your legal options, please contact us today.