A Proven Trial Lawyer Leading a Full-Service Law Firm

When you turn to Glago Williams, LLC for help after an accident or when you are in the midst of an insurance dispute, you will benefit from experience gained in over 2,500 cases and more than 160 trials. We invite you to contact us and request a free consultation to discuss your serious auto accident, hurricane losses, potential class action, or other legal needs.

Providing Quality Representation in Louisiana and Southeast Texas

Our New Orleans office, established in 2003, is located on the 29th Floor of the BankPlus tower in the Central Business District.

Lead attorney Mark Glago has focused on civil litigation his entire career, representing many people who have been seriously injured, endured the wrongful death of a loved one, suffered a major property loss, or become involved in a high-stakes business dispute. Our firm is well prepared to handle complex class actions as well as representation of individual clients.

Building Strong Cases for Trial or Fair, Sizeable Settlements

On balance, we take more cases to court than many lawyers working in similar practice areas. Our notable trials and settlements demonstrate our willingness to go the distance when we believe the evidence and legal precedent justify a recovery greater than the defense is willing to offer. From insurance bad faith claims to investigation of possible medical malpractice, we put the client’s interests first.

Our dedicated, energetic staff prioritizes the real problems and concerns of people who have suffered life-changing injuries and losses. We collaborate actively and efficiently with other attorneys, qualified medical experts, and other professionals as necessary to build the best possible case for you. In addition, we are devoted to returning your calls promptly, answering your questions, and keeping you fully informed throughout your case.

Policies and Resources Enabling our Clients to Take Action

In most matters we handle, our client takes no financial risk to pursue justice. We offer a free initial consultation and charge no attorney fees unless we obtain a favorable verdict or settlement. In addition, our established firm has the resources to advance many costs of case investigation and preparation.