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Uber came to New Orleans in 2014, and Lyft followed in 2016. They are currently the two largest companies in the growing rideshare industry. In only a few years, ridesharing apps have increasingly become the preferred method of transportation for many people in the New Orleans area. Yet, as with any use of a motor vehicle, accidents occur.


If you or a loved one were injured while driving, biking, walking or while a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle involved in a crash, your losses will include current and possibly future medical bills. They may also include lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage and more. These should be treated like any other accident, and you immediately seek help from an experienced New Orleans accident lawyer. We represent the following injured people:

  1. Passengers in an Uber/Lyft vehicle;
  2. Drivers of Uber/Lyft vehicles who are not at fault for an accident;
  3. Drivers or Passengers of a vehicle who are injured due to the fault of an Uber/Lyft driver.

Whether the accident was caused by the Uber or Lyft driver or by the driver of another vehicle, it is important to know your rights. It’s very common for Uber and/or Lyft to deny their driver was at fault in the accident, and since these companies claim their drivers are independent contractors, rather than employees, it can often be difficult to hold the rideshare company accountable. Even if liability is clear, these rideshare companies’ insurance carriers commonly work to pay you the lowest settlement possible or avoid compensating you altogether.

The accident attorneys at Glago Williams have a detailed understanding of the different insurance coverages available as well as the relationship between these companies and their drivers.

Drivers for both Uber and Lyft are required to carry a minimum liability insurance policy in case they are involved in a collision. Additional coverage is also available depending on the specific circumstances and what the driver was doing at the time the accident occurred.

If the driver of another vehicle was at fault for your collision but that driver has either no insurance or insufficient coverage to fully compensate all of your losses, the Uber and/or Lyft vehicle can provide uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage for their passengers.

At Glago Williams, LLC, our experienced New Orleans Lyft and Uber accident lawyer can help you determine your legal rights as a passenger or third party.


When you Glago Williams to represent you, our full-service law firm will manage all areas of your case, from interactions with insurance companies to helping coordinate necessary, doctor-ordered medical procedures. We will review your medical records in order to determine the full extent of your injuries. We may consult with experts such as life-care planners or economists to assess the impact of the crash on your future.

We are dedicated to getting our clients the most favorable recovery possible. No matter how challenging, our team of trial lawyers will go the distance to get you what you deserve. We have been successful in recovering millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

This level of success comes from our diligence and personal involvement in each case. Knowledge gained in thousands of other cases enables us to effectively present medical evidence and to demonstrate the full extent and costs of your injuries and losses.

When you know your legal and financial priorities are in the capable hands of Glago Williams, LLC, you are better able to focus on your medical care and recovery.

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