New Orleans Burn Injury Attorneys

Serious burn accidents can result in some of the most painful and disfiguring burn injuries as well as emotional injuries. Burn victims can spend months recovering in a trauma burn unit, only to require additional physical rehabilitation and emotional therapy. Burn survivors and their families are faced with the financial realities of significant time away from work, medical expenses and ongoing expenses, such as complicated surgeries, related to their injuries.

At Glago Williams, LLC, we help burn injury survivors and their families obtain full financial recovery for their injuries and suffering. To learn if you may have a valid claim for financial recovery, contact our New Orleans burn injury lawyers at Glago Williams, LLC.


When someone else’s negligence causes or contributes to the burn injuries, the negligent individual or business entity can be held financially liable for the burn victim’s injuries, medical expenses and other suffering. Led by veteran trial attorney Mark Glago, our law firm thoroughly investigates fires and other burn accidents to assess all available avenues of liability and to pursue the full compensation to which clients are entitled.

Catastrophic burn injuries can result from numerous types of accidents, such as:

  • Car fires following a serious car accident or truck accident
  • Dangerous chemical exposure or chemical spills resulting in chemical burns
  • Accidents involving scalding water or other liquids
  • Propane tank explosions or explosions caused by product defects
  • High-voltage electrical accidents causing electrical burns
  • House fires, apartment fires and other building fires
  • Other accidents causing serious or fatal burn injuries


If you or a loved one has suffered due to a fire or explosion, or if you have suffered severe burn injuries in an accident, you can depend on our injury lawyers at Glago Williams, LLC for experienced and reputable legal advice and counsel. Contact our New Orleans law firm