New Orleans Serious Auto & Truck Accident Attorneys

Serious injuries from car accidents often have permanent, lifelong effects. You only get one chance to fight for the financial compensation you deserve after a serious car accident. Insurance company representatives may look out for their employers’ interests at your expense. You need a dedicated, experienced lawyer on your side after a serious car or truck accident.

Glago Williams, LLC of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas, has extensive experience handling serious auto injury lawsuits, including wrongful death cases after fatal auto accidents. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation and evaluation of your legal options after a major car accident.


Attorneys Mark Glago and Jatavian Williams are aggressive in pursuing maximum financial compensation for people seriously injured in car or truck accidents, as shown by our notable trials and settlements. We are veterans of negotiations and lawsuits on behalf of survivors of serious car crashes and trucking accidents who have suffered life-changing injuries like closed head injury, paralysis and other severe outcomes. Our track record includes results like:

  • A $3.2 million trial court judgment for a family that suffered injuries in a devastating motor vehicle accident
  • A $1.06 million trial court judgment — exceeding the insurance policy limits — for a car accident victim who suffered neck and back injuries that required two surgeries
  • Numerous other six-figure recoveries in cases involving intoxicated drivers, hit-and-run accidents and other types of roadway negligence


This level of success comes from our diligence and personal involvement in each case. Knowledge gained in thousands of other cases enables us to effectively present medical evidence and to demonstrate the full extent and costs of your injuries and losses. When a client’s insurance company unreasonably refuses to pay claims after a car accident, we work with the client to manage the insurance claim dispute process.

When you contact us to represent you, our full-service law firm will manage all areas of your case, from interactions with insurance companies to helping coordinate necessary, doctor-ordered medical procedures. When you know your legal and financial priorities are in the capable hands of Glago Williams, LLC, you are better able to focus on your medical care and recovery from the accident.