New Orleans Class Actions Attorneys

Glago Williams, LLC has been directly involved in over 15 class actions in Louisiana and around the U.S. When you contact us, we can provide information and advice about the potential for a class action — and your rights if you are, or may be, part of a class action lawsuit.

A class action permits a representative with typical claims to sue or defend on behalf of a larger group of people — the class — who are similarly situated. The requirements for a class action are established by the applicable rules of civil procedure. Generally speaking, a class action procedure can be used when the issue to be litigated is of interest to persons so numerous as to make it impracticable to bring them all before the court.

Attorney Mark Glago has extensive experience serving as class counsel, a Plaintiff Steering Committee member, and plaintiff’s team member in class actions. These class actions have arisen from a wide range of circumstances, types of negligence, and plaintiff injuries — from product liability cases involving defective pharmaceutical drugs to class action lawsuits involving Hurricane Katrina.

Class actions we have been involved in include:

  • Lori Brown v. Credit Suisse First Boston, et al. ($5.5 million settlement)
  • Cecelia Powell v. Credit Suisse First Boston, et al. ($2.2 million settlement)
  • Turner v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc. ($330 million settlement)
  • Davis v. American Home Products (Norplant Class Action)
  • Gloria Bell v. American Home Products, (Fen-Phen Class Action)
  • Ohler v. Purdue Pharma, et al. (OxyContin Class Action; $750,000 settlement)
  • Cheryl Weems v. Touro/Shono, et al.
  • Ronald Rivers v. Chalmette Medical Center, Inc., et al.
  • Cheryl Martin, et al. v. Lafon Nursing Facility of the Holy Family, Inc.
  • Miriam Samuel, et al. v. Universal Health Services, Inc., et al.
  • Elizabeth Dannell, et al. v. Tenet-Mid-City Medical, LLC, d/b/a Lindy Boggs, et al.
  • Darlene Husband, et al. v. Tenet Health Systems d/b/a Memorial Medical Center
  • Chinita Weber, et al. v. Metropolitan Hospice, Inc.